SMALL ROLLS by Selstads....Small rolls are ideal for the home owner.  Each roll is cut 24"x60" which covers a 10 square foot area and it is very easy to handle.


When your sod is delivered we can place your pallets almost anywhere for your convenience.

BIG ROLLS by Selstads....Big Rolls from Selstad Sod provide a fast and efficient installation. Since installation equipment does the lifting and placement of the sod, you save both time and labor.
A crew of 3 or 4 can install up to 25,000 square feet in a day. Big rolls have fewer seams and because you install them so quickly the sod sees water faster, therefore eliminating initial turf stress. Big rolls are 32" wide x 95' long and cover 250 square feet.

Big rolls are suitable for large areas - whereas small rolls lend themselves very well for areas where trees and flowerbeds require cutting and fitting.

Big rolls can be installed with a small tractor or forklift or skid steer using a simple attachment, which we provide.